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We are an online/print publication that we are going to do raise funds for: 1. Free Weed in states that are trying to get on the ballot 2. Help local senior citizens that are in much pain but there insurance won't cover there medicine cost. 3. Discuss and educate threw social and print media.

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Providing the Dispensary Industry with state of the art responsive websites the integrate weedmaps menu. New templates coming soon with Leafly menu integration.


We are a producer of natural CBD products made from organic hemp. Everything we make is 3rd party tested for safety, potency, and to meet all legal requirements. Years of experience extracting and isolating cannabinoids makes us one of the best in Washington State.

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THCFarmer is a retailer of cannabis seeds and online community that was founded in 2008. We ship worldwide and accept credit cards and bitcoins.

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We provide the most economical and effective chamber on the market. Although it is essential to keep costs low, We believe it is most important to make this chamber superior to competition by offering great customer service, using high quality materials, thorough quality control and by shipping items same or next day. 


Since Herbal Remedy’s inception in 2014, our goal of becoming the next hottest clothing line to represent the daily consumer of cannabis has evolved into a company that is here not only to bring you quality clothing, but to support a movement that is fighting to re-introduce a 100% natural and medicinal plant back into mainstream North America for legal use – both recreationally and more importantly, medically. Western Medicine, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Federal Government have led people astray for decades using scare tactics and prosecution. The real crime here is being denied the option to use a clinically proven, all-natural form of treatment over Big Business and huge payoffs. We have decided that 10% of all profits will be donated to organizations that help individuals attain the right to choose and the right to use.

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We are passionate believers in the healing powers of the earth’s bounty and the idea that natural methods of relieving pain and stress are the least invasive, and, ultimately, the most sustainable. So that others might experience the benefits of safe, effective non-pharmaceutical remedies, we formed a non-profit organization in the bay area to procure premium cannabis products from responsible cultivators and deliver them to your doorstep. We take pride in the fact that all our products are grown, extracted or developed using environmentally sensitive methods and then lab tested for optimal safety and comfort. And the concern for quality doesn’t end there. We store our products in humidified, temperature-controlled environments to ensure the greatest consistency, moisture content, and freshness. Honestly, it’s a lot of trouble to maintain these standards, but it’s worth it. We regard cannabis as a gift and we want the world to experience this wonderful plant in its most bene

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Since 1955, Mandel Distributors has been the most trusted name in tobacco and convenience distribution on the East Coast. Building a reputation on selection, price, and fair business practices, Mandel Distributors quickly grew from a small tri-state distributor to a powerhouse provider from Maine to Florida. In the new century, Mandel Distributors is making their mark as the premier East Coast distributor to head shops and dispensaries. Using 6 decades of experience, Mandel Distributors are helping provide support, structure, and strategy to the, still, young legal cannabis business.


CannabiSoft provides cannabis consulting services to cannabis retailers, producers, testing labs, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, investors and media advocates. We help cannabis businesses with cannabis operations, cannabis licensing, cannabis marketing and cannabis branding.


Everything a smoker needs. Accessories, Gadgets, & Other Cool Products. Whether you’re new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, or a seasoned consumer, Wackyly is the perfect destination for you! Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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