The annual Conference of Western Attorneys General was held earlier this month where state-level officials met with representatives of the cannabis and hemp industries and called for the setting of national standards for and by those industries. The officials encouraged the businesspeople to form a self-regulating organization capable of producing guidelines for all aspects of their recently legal businesses. This meeting is unique in the American cannabis history where lawmakers are openly discussing best practices with cannabis producers.


“This felt like a watershed moment, and there were attorneys general who said that to me, in those exact words,” said Michael Bronstein of the American Association for Cannabis and Hemp.


Marijuana Business Daily reports that “A committee of public officials and industry representatives will work together to develop the code” although the article does not say who specifically will be on the committee.


Attendants of the meeting included Attorneys General from twenty districts, Dr. Cindy Orser - CSO of DigiPath Labs, Jake Salazar of MMJ America, Bob Eschino of Medically Correct, Todd Mitchem of High There, and a representative of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Production.