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All the latest pot gadgets, weed gizmos, grass apps and more

Following up on our post on Friday, we see $NTRR (2.4%) and $NDEV (19%) moving up as other stocks fell - $NGMC (-28%) and $ETST (-7.78%)

etstEarth Science Tech, Inc. ($ETST) reached a high of $1.74 on July 17, 2015, and has declined to a near recent all time low of $0.83. The lowest price this year was $0.78 on July 16 just prior to the spike, and recent lows were around $0.81 before rising to $1.00 price values. Spikes in October of 2014 were as high as $3.46, and the company IPO'd with a price of $0.01. ETST fell 8% today from a value of $0.90 per share yesterday at closing to $0.83. Earth Science Tech specializes in ultra-high grade CBD (cannabidiol) rich hemp oil. CBD products do not contain psychoactive ingredients and are for medicinal and wellness purposes.


ngmcNext Generation Management Corp ($NGMC) is a consulting firm that acquires businesses in the retail and cultivation industry.  They also specialize in staffing and training for dispensary businesses.  NGMC has several subsidiaries including a dispensary, a consulting limited liability company, and an energy businesses acquisition company.  The stock price is down 28% today, from 0.0044 to a price of 0.0032.  The decline comes after a large spike from 0.0015 on September 4th to the high of 0.0044.


ntrrNeutraCorp Natural Sciences ($NTRR) is a research and development company with a market cap of $2.12M.  NeutraCorp recently made headlines in Yahoo Finance for providing pesticide alternatives in a way that removes the need for strong chemicals during the growing process.  NeutraCorp partners with Vertigo, a horticultural technologies copmany, Surface to Air Solutions or S2O2, specializing in air purification technology, Second Wave Ventures, a company focused on nutraceutical delivery systems, and Diamond Anvil Designs, a vapor pen design company that was acquired by NTRR in 2014.  $NTRR currently is up 2.44% from 0.035 to 0.0369.  The stock has risen from an all-time low of 0.02 to a higher platform around 0.04 with one jump to 0.05 so far.  The highest peak was in April of 2013 at a price of $2.72.

ndevNovus Acquisition & Development Corp ($NDEV) is a Nevada-based company specializing in providing healthcare and medical plans for medicinal marijuana patients.  The company has two divisions, Novus Medical Group and Novus QC.  The stock price for $NDEV began Monday morning at $0.014 and jumped at 1:05 PM to a price of $0.0174, a jump of 18.62%.  The price is still at a near all time low, after rising from 0.0035 to 0.4948 from January to August of 2014.  The decline has dropped over time to now, however the current bump does not yet demonstrate high potential for a big jump.  

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