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Information and news related to marijuana business investment.

Today's movers include $NTRR (+4%), $SPRWF (+18%), $NDEV (+5%), $GRNH (+10%), and $HLSPY (+29%)


neutra logo 300x94NeutraCorp Natural Sciences ($NTRR) is a research and development company with a market cap of $2.12M.  NeutraCorp recently made headlines in Yahoo Finance for providing pesticide alternatives in a way that removes the need for strong chemicals during the growing process.  NeutraCorp partners with Vertigo, a horticultural technologies copmany, Surface to Air Solutions or S2O2, specializing in air purification technology, Second Wave Ventures, a company focused on nutraceutical delivery systems, and Diamond Anvil Designs, a vapor pen design company that was acquired by NTRR in 2014.  


Supreme Portfolio Logo1 copy 1Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ($SPRWF) is a Canada-based medical marijuana marketplace.  The publicly-traded company is on the path to becoming Canada's leading medical marijuana supplier.  $SPRWF has a daily increase of 18.39% and a current price of $0.103, up from 0.085 on September 9th.  The market cap is $13.95M, the average trade volume is 54,900, and the beta value is 18.51.  The stock began around 10 cents in July of 2014, saw a peak of $0.45, and has been declining since October 22nd, 2014.  


novus logo3Novus Acquisition & Development Corp ($NDEV) is a Nevada-based company specializing in providing healthcare and medical plans for medicinal marijuana patients.  The company has two divisions, Novus Medical Group and Novus QC.  The company started with a price of $0.195 in January of 2013 and reached a peak of $0.99 on March 4th.  Since then the stock price has declined, risen again to $0.43, and then declined again to $0.0158 (the current price).  


greengro logoGreenGro Technologies ($GRNH) develops custom modular gro rooms (the vertical hydrogarden), automated light deprivation greenhouses, solar systems, and design and construction services for large grow operations.  Forbes described GreenGro as one of the 8 hottest publicly traded marijuana companies in November of 2014.  The $GRNH market cap is $5.42M with a average volume of 711,670.  The stock price started at $0.11 in February of 2013, reached a peak of $0.583 on March 10th of 2014, and has declined to a low of $0.0250 on August 10th, 2015.  The price has risen 130% to a current price of $0.047 over the past month.  

heliospectra LogoHeliospectra ($HLSPY) provides smart LED grow technology including the E60 lamp product.  Their goal is to incorporate biofeedback "where the plants are in essence controlling the light system" to maximize plant productivity.  Heliospectra's systems decrease energy consumption by 50% in greenhouses.  Focus on research and development is essential to the maintaining the momentum and HLSPY joins with other research institutes to continue to increase productivity and energy savings.  The market cap is $25.51M and experiences volatile fluctuations in stock price.  The stock has a previous close yesterday of $1.44 and has increased to $1.85 since then.  

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With 23 states allowing medical marijuana and 4 allowing recreational use (as well as the District of Columbia), the industry is booming. Not only have direct marijuana sales been so successful as to create an illegal level of tax surplus in the State of Colorado, but ancillary industries in tech, packaging and tourism have seen equally huge growth. Currently there is a wave of investment interest for promising small business and entrepreneurs prepared to take advantage of the growing market.


Granted, this market, like all others, is subject to some downturns. We already saw a major downturn in the marijuana index after a huge bubble erupted immediately after the first legalization in 2013. However, the market has since stabilized, first into a more natural downward curve before leveling off and tipping up again at natural steady growth rate that appears promising going into a long-term future.




That initial boom and bust, combined with the hazy legality has made some of the largest economic interests unwilling to jump in, but this is another advantage for small investors. Without competition from Fortune 500 companies, smaller investors are primed to reap huge profits from this steadily growing industry. While the current legal situation is complicated, we are seeing bipartisan support for federal recognition of states' right to determine their own marijuana laws: senators Gillibrand (D- New York), Booker (D- N.J.) and Paul (R- Kentucky) currently have such a bill in progress. With legality moving in the direction of public opinion and the experiments in Washington and Colorado having been so far successful, the white market in the marijuana industry is almost certainly about to see humongous growth.  

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