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The 3C team brings years of practice in agriculture and farming, architecture and engineering, project management, facilities management, development of best practices, education, strategy, marketing, legal compliance, and, of course, cannabis cultivation and processing. From navigating the legal complexities of license acquisition to marketing and distributing the final product - and everything in between – we have expertise and experience to craft the optimal solution for your short term and long term goals.

420 Web Designs provides professional mobile friendly websites, articles, blogs, ebooks, & logo designs for cannabis companies around the world.

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420 Property | #1 in Commercial Cannabis Real Estate and Financing Search for real estate or business listings, list availabilities, locate financing and find “420 Friendly” professionals with 420 Property.

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We offer full service marketing for cannabis brands. We brand from the soul, for a brand is merely a reflection of the people behind it. Sophisticated branding, design and communications strategy ensure your brand carves its niche in the budding industry.

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