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Best cannabis grow lights using plasma HPS better for the marijuana grow lighting systems, including metal halide, LED and UV grow lights by Chameleon Plasma Grow Lights

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British Columbia
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Farmer’s Lab is a Canadian-based company. Its objective is to provide therapeutic solutions to individuals globally seeking relief through the germination and harvesting of medical marijuana. Farmer’s Lab has a vigorous selection, examination and packaging process that insures the highest quality of seed to customers as possible.

516 321 1724
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Researched in Israel, Made in the UK 100% legal CBD products designed in Israel and made in the UK. CBD oils, balms and unique. British Israeli cannabis company distributing unique, non-psychoactive, cannabis-derivative supplements (CBD) based on scientific research from Israel.

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Green Ambrosia Labs, Inc.™ Cultivation Centers. Hi- Capacity Indoor Growing Centers. Offering craft cultivation with product standardization and compliance. Green Ambrosia Labs, Inc.™ is the producer of cannabis brands Sibanna Edibles™, BlaQ MarQet Xtracts™, Oso Blanco Sauces™, Gyri Jyri Cafe™.

318thumb_grass_logo has a wide range of marijuana products with THC and CBD contents. Buy your favorite weed Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. All products with great prices and free shipping for orders over $149.


The Blazers Choice is Canada's go to for connoisseur grade craft cannabis. We ship top shelf cannabis products such as bud, shatter, oil, edibles and more across Canada. Visit us today at to learn more.

303 232-3620
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Ajoya is the celebration of experience and personal freedom. Whether you’re spending time with friends or enjoying your own ritual, Ajoya is here to help you utilize cannabis to make connections and enhance your experience. We offer high-quality customer service, innovative products, and a premium retail experience at our Lakewood (Med) location, conveniently located on Colfax Ave near Red Rocks, Golden, and Colorado Mills.


Atomik Seeds is widely appreciated by people in the cannabis field. In keeping with our philosophy to preserve the best quality, Atomik Seeds continues to work with the initial collection of strains. Since we are not in favour of launching products for the sheer sake of making a profit by using frivolous marketing strategies, we have invested our time and effort in the development of our initial genetics. All our marijuana seeds produce stable and easy-to-grow plants that are perfect for both recreational and medical use.

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