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Our mission is simple: to purchase, promote and deliver a growing line of delicious, nutritious, 100% organic gourmet hemp seed food and skin care products for people who live a natural lifestyle, love healthy foods and work to leave a healthy planet for future generations. We started with two products, toasted and hulled hemp seeds. Since then I've incorporated my chef's skills and palate into the process, bootstrapped funding and Hippie Butter now carries a wide-variety of vegan-certified gourmet hemp seed products. We currently market through social media, with over 75,000 followers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more. Hippie Butter recently introduced a wholesale program for grocers and retail stores.

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Green Bakebox: a mysterious, puzzling and blazin’ box full of smoking goods delivered right to your door every month in discreet packaging. We fill our boxes with 8 to 10 exceptional products that are sure to illuminate every smoker’s experience. Since you never know what is in the box, it’s sure to fascinate, surprise and raise the suspense. Your box will be stuffed with everything from bongs to vapors, paper, scales, grinders, lifestyle gear, entertainment, munchies and more. We also guarantee the best and the most value for your money and since we are proficient with the good stuff, you can rest assure that we have handpicked exactly what you need and got you fully covered. With this magical box reappearing at your door step every month, you can be sure that you’ll save between $50 to $150 dollars a month at the convenience store. Subscribe today. You’ll wish you've done so months ago!

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Potbox is a premium cannabis subscription club that curates the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month. Start building your Potbox today!

Great Lakes Cannabis is dedicated in providing the highest quality cannabis to Michigan medical marijuana patients whom otherwise would not be able to obtain regulated and safe access to quality medicinal Marijuana in the state of Michigan. Further expanding in the future of recreational commerce being on the 2016 November ballot for Michiganders to finally legalize and capitalize on the benefits of Marijuana and Hemp products. Family owned and operated farm and manufacturing specializes in medical research into components such as THC and CBD. With a waiting list of patients we are looking for donations to expand in order to create a vast variety of cannabis products for consumers to experience and enjoy.

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MJP´s mission is to serve the choicest weed around. If you are a seasoned consumer you will appreciate the wide variety and quality of its product. Looking for something special? You will find it there. If you are starting out and not sure how and what to choose, the specialist staff will help you on your way with friendly and useful advice.

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Established in 2000, is a trusted online Smoke Shop. They offer for sale bongs, bubblers, water pipes, vaporizers, rolling papers, scales and much more! They also have a price match guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and amazingly low shipping rates worldwide.

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Top Shelf medical 420 delivery service professional and discreet. Mold & pest free. Quick & Reliable. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Best Top Shelf (these strains are the real deal!!!) CURRENT MENU INCLUDES: Golden Ticket OG White Fire OG Pure #1 OG Skywalker OG Super Jack Cherry Durban Sour Diesel Blue Dream blue dream, sour diesel, girls scout cookies, green crack, og kush, granddaddy purple, white widow, jack herer, bubba kush, ak-47, trainwreck, northern lights, headband, Pineapple Express, blue cheese, purple kush, durban poison, lemon haze, chemdawg, super silver haze, strawberry cough, grape ape, blackberry kush, blueberry, cheese, gorilla glue, master kush, super lemon, maui waui, cherry pie, afghan kush, white rhino, amnesia haze, Skywalker og, la confidential, chocolope, lemon kush, gods gift, purple urkle, g13, tahoe og kush, death star, mango kush, purple haze, agent orange, hindu kush, bubbie gum, golden goat, cinderella 99, nyc diesel. dutch treat, berry w

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Elevate your experience and see for yourself why eDab brand products are the smart choice. Explore our complete line of innovative, high quality products and discover the dab pen best for you.

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High friends! We're revolutionizing the world of Marijuana products, come and join(t) us! My Ganja Gear is a global online marketplace, a central hub where manufacturers and resellers of Cannabis related items can open up a free shop and sell their wares direct to the public. We're MORE than a head shop :-) So get your gear on our site right this second and start reaching more people and selling more products! Detailed info on signing up and how it works is at the bottom of our homepage. We're also happy to assist you personally, so drop us a line some time!

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Our Recreational and Medical Cannabis in Crested Butte, CO is all grown organically for a delicious, safe and quality product. From our bud to our concentrates to our edibles and topical creams, we carry only the finest quality products in the industry.

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