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Web platform for the following: 1. To promote through the dissemination of developments in the legalization effort occurring worldwide. This is accomplished via the sharing of current news items, select commercial ventures, and commentary/opinion. 2. To establish a brand and look for future development into a commercial venture with charitable aspects. The form and function of these are being planned now. 3. To establish a politically and socially influential voice that promotes the interests of those who use marijuana, those who need it, those who want it (with reasonable regulations and restrictions), those who would study it, medicate with it, all of these should have safe, reliable, ready access to a pharmaceutical-grade source of Cannabis. 4. To serve as a mature, responsible, and educated source for truth and fact, as far as such things can be known. DougTheMighty #DTM76 #rsommj #MMjGazette #DTM58 #ahanu


Olivia's Solutions Inc. is a company established 25 years ago when the hydroponic industry and alternative methods of growing plants in a progressive and eco-friendly way was just getting started. At that time in the mid-80’s the only product available to propagate plants was a powder that wasn't safe to breathe and was messy to work with. Olivia's Cloning Solution™ was the first ever liquid that combined both rooting auxins and nutrients in a safe, easy to use liquid for growers. A small amount of NPK for growth and a rooting hormone provided just what new cuttings were looking for: root stimulation and nutrient growth. It was an industry-first - a safe, non-toxic liquid and gel that could be used with all plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Guard 'n Spray is an easy to use all natural multi purposed pesticide spray. Used at full strength or diluted, Guard 'n Spray is an extremely effective and safe method for treating and controlling persistent plant pests and fungi such as spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, flies, beetles, thrips, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. Guard 'n Spray's natural active ingredients work together to starve, desiccate, and suffocate plant pests and fungi. Being all natural and easy to use, Guard 'n Spray is a perfect addition to any gardener's horticultural supplies. Give your plants the most natural form of defense they can have - Guard ’n Spray.

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The 3C team brings years of practice in agriculture and farming, architecture and engineering, project management, facilities management, development of best practices, education, strategy, marketing, legal compliance, and, of course, cannabis cultivation and processing. From navigating the legal complexities of license acquisition to marketing and distributing the final product - and everything in between – we have expertise and experience to craft the optimal solution for your short term and long term goals.

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SoilSoup manufactures Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) Brewers and Brewing Supplies. AACT applied as a foliar spray gives plants natural protection from powdery mildew, molds, and mites.


Natural Order Supply provides all the products need for your cultivation. NOS specializes is all natural and organic solutions for healthy growing. For commercial operations NOS offers exclusive pricing and supply chain management services.

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Established in 2009 in the RiNo District of Denver, RiNo Supply Company is a member-driven Medicinal dispensary dedicated to providing the highest quality product at the most affordable price. All of our plants are grown in our greenhouse near Boulder, Colorado with the top of the line sustainable practices and nutrients. We value our long-lasting and loyal patient relationships, which allows us to build a very rewarding membership program. Come visit us today and ask about becoming a RiNo Supply Company member!

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THCFarmer is a retailer of cannabis seeds and online community that was founded in 2008. We ship worldwide and accept credit cards and bitcoins.

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At GreenBox Grow our mission is to help people by providing a means to a constant supply of medical grade cannabis. We understand that whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, having easy access to this plant is extremely beneficial! That is why Marijuana Enthusiasts are using the GreenBox Grown videos to help them easily grow top-shelf cannabis, right at home. All of our videos and tutorials are focused on Greenhouse Growing, as it is extremely affordable while still providing amazing results. Growing in a greenhouse is also environmentally friendly as it allows for the use of natural sunlight & fresh air!

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Vertically integrated, farm-to-table, craft cannabis. Co-Founded by Aviv Hadar. The Oregrown dispensary is a beautiful, clean environment where you can safely access some of the best medicine in the world. Open seven days a week, we are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Bend, Oregon- right on Wall Street less than two blocks from Deschutes Brewery, Brother Jon's Alehouse, famed Mirror Pond and the Patagonia store. We are the only farm to table cannabis company in Oregon that controls every facet of our supply chain. Our patients know exactly what they are ingesting, where it came from, who made it and how it was made. We grow our own organic, indoor cannabis, we process our own world-class extracts, and we spent months on the meticulous build-out of our flagship dispensary in beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon.

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