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Remote Irrigation is in the customer development phase of the business model canvas. Our value proposition is to provide solutions for plant watering that can be facilitated remotely using a mobile device. We are exploring possibilities of house plants with smart watering pots that provide water d

kushafied co we believe in changing the world for good, but first are mission is to change the stoner stereotype on how we dress in this modern day!.Not every one is welcoming of the "Herb leaf" All over the shirt.Workplaces & schools are of them. So when you see a human walking down the street wearing a kushafied shirt you know right away hes a true stoner! Keeping the clothing classy and casual is our mission working with materials hemp,bamboo &cotton. We want to be as natural as can be! So Stay classy,Stay Positive,Stay Kushafied :) twitter- Kushafiedco

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Full service cannabis testing and certification company. We also offer label and branding for your product/s Email is the best way to contact us! We are a new business and I will be updating this description to fully cover the services offered! Thanks!

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Our mission is simple: to purchase, promote and deliver a growing line of delicious, nutritious, 100% organic gourmet hemp seed food and skin care products for people who live a natural lifestyle, love healthy foods and work to leave a healthy planet for future generations. We started with two products, toasted and hulled hemp seeds. Since then I've incorporated my chef's skills and palate into the process, bootstrapped funding and Hippie Butter now carries a wide-variety of vegan-certified gourmet hemp seed products. We currently market through social media, with over 75,000 followers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more. Hippie Butter recently introduced a wholesale program for grocers and retail stores.


Nugg lets medical marijuana patients register with premium, lawfully operated collectives in their area, then place cannabis orders straight from their smartphone. Orders are delivered within an hour, and text notifications keep patients in the loop as their order is processed. We created Nugg to solve our own problems as mmj patients, but now we’re turning things over to you.

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Web platform for the following: 1. To promote through the dissemination of developments in the legalization effort occurring worldwide. This is accomplished via the sharing of current news items, select commercial ventures, and commentary/opinion. 2. To establish a brand and look for future development into a commercial venture with charitable aspects. The form and function of these are being planned now. 3. To establish a politically and socially influential voice that promotes the interests of those who use marijuana, those who need it, those who want it (with reasonable regulations and restrictions), those who would study it, medicate with it, all of these should have safe, reliable, ready access to a pharmaceutical-grade source of Cannabis. 4. To serve as a mature, responsible, and educated source for truth and fact, as far as such things can be known. DougTheMighty #DTM76 #rsommj #MMjGazette #DTM58 #ahanu


Olivia's Solutions Inc. is a company established 25 years ago when the hydroponic industry and alternative methods of growing plants in a progressive and eco-friendly way was just getting started. At that time in the mid-80’s the only product available to propagate plants was a powder that wasn't safe to breathe and was messy to work with. Olivia's Cloning Solution™ was the first ever liquid that combined both rooting auxins and nutrients in a safe, easy to use liquid for growers. A small amount of NPK for growth and a rooting hormone provided just what new cuttings were looking for: root stimulation and nutrient growth. It was an industry-first - a safe, non-toxic liquid and gel that could be used with all plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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Green Bakebox: a mysterious, puzzling and blazin’ box full of smoking goods delivered right to your door every month in discreet packaging. We fill our boxes with 8 to 10 exceptional products that are sure to illuminate every smoker’s experience. Since you never know what is in the box, it’s sure to fascinate, surprise and raise the suspense. Your box will be stuffed with everything from bongs to vapors, paper, scales, grinders, lifestyle gear, entertainment, munchies and more. We also guarantee the best and the most value for your money and since we are proficient with the good stuff, you can rest assure that we have handpicked exactly what you need and got you fully covered. With this magical box reappearing at your door step every month, you can be sure that you’ll save between $50 to $150 dollars a month at the convenience store. Subscribe today. You’ll wish you've done so months ago!


Guard 'n Spray is an easy to use all natural multi purposed pesticide spray. Used at full strength or diluted, Guard 'n Spray is an extremely effective and safe method for treating and controlling persistent plant pests and fungi such as spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, flies, beetles, thrips, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. Guard 'n Spray's natural active ingredients work together to starve, desiccate, and suffocate plant pests and fungi. Being all natural and easy to use, Guard 'n Spray is a perfect addition to any gardener's horticultural supplies. Give your plants the most natural form of defense they can have - Guard ’n Spray.

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Potbox is a premium cannabis subscription club that curates the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month. Start building your Potbox today!

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